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Aquamarine Body Oil | Salt By Hendrix
Aquamarine Body Oil | Salt By Hendrix
Aquamarine Body Oil | Salt By Hendrix
Aquamarine Body Oil | Salt By Hendrix

Aquamarine Body Oil | Salt By Hendrix

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Get that hydration hit with our Aquamarine dream! Live luxe with Lavender and Lotus Flower, for that special spa experience or simply apply Aquamarine Body Oil directly to the skin or hair for that mermaid glow. She is more than just a pretty face – Blue Lotus Flower’s tranquil properties are known for calming the skin and boosting radiance!


Give a splash to dull or dry skin with Squalane, Sunflower, Camellia, Argan, Jojoba, AND Watermelon Oils! Calm the waters with Sunflower Seed Oil – it’s this babe’s goal to combat acne, inflammation and redness with her nutrient and antioxidant rich properties. Blue Lotus Flower aims to take the edge off dry and irritated skin with her handy talents in calming and conditioning.

Body Oils like yours truly can help ward off dry skin with plant-powered nutrients for locking in the lush! These beauties are crafted to give your skin some tender loving and can be used multiple ways for maximum glowy goodness!

SALT’S Secret Tip:
Oil works for your body and more! This glistening gal can add a hit of hydration to dull hair or be added to a relaxing bath for luxe infusion.

It’s Glow Time: Apply your beautiful body oils as often as you’d like, whenever your skin is feeling in need of little loving.

The How-To: Add approximately 15 drops to a warm bath or apply to clean and dry skin directly on the body. Ensure she’s been absorbed before putting on your ‘fit for the day.

Is she The One for you? This gal does it all, she’s suitable for all skin types!

P.S. We do not recommend this beauty for use on the face! Test her on a small area first and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Our BODY LOVE DUO is a two-step routine to help you achieve the healthy, glowing skin that you deserve. Focus on the most important love of all – self-love. This bundle includes our AQUAMARINE BODY OIL and DRY BODY BRUSH.

Dull - Her oil base and floral infusions will bring a refreshing radiance to your skin care routine.

Dry – This queen’s oil base aims to restore and lock in that divine dew.

Uneven – Oils balance oil! This babe can get you glowing evenly with each use.

Camellia Oil – With antioxidants aplenty and fabulous fatty acids, she helps promote skin elasticity and that Aquamarine radiancy.

Jojoba Oil – She’s a straight shooter for fighting fine lines and oil overproduction, with anti-inflammatory properties and a killer Vitamin E content.

Grapeseed Oil – She’ll have you feeling fresh out of water, supporting an even out skin tone and helping reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Watermelon Oil – Supercharged with Omegas 3, 6 + 9 and stocked up with Vitamins, this gal means business in brightening.

Argan Oil – An antioxidant angel who helps to balance oils and improve skin elasticity.

Blue Lotus Flower – This tranquil beauty can assist with calming irritation and inflammation whilst aiming to balance oil production.