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Collection: Love Isabelle

A piece of jewellery can completely redefine an outfit. A pair of chunky hoops adds edge to a simple dress, a delicate necklace softens head-to-toe streetwear, whilst the right set of rings takes you from casual to cocktail. 

That’s what makes jewellery so special. It’s a natural extension of your wardrobe, vehicle for self expression and reflection of your personal style.  

At Love Isabelle, we’re inspired by the art in every day. Everything from textures in architecture to experimental fashion and patterns in nature are thought-provoking on a deeply creative level. Our design process is intuitive, considered and virtuous; each piece thoughtfully designed to inspire confidence.  

Our signature collection of minimalist, feminine jewellery is a manifestation of the modern woman - gentle and elegant yet disarmingly fierce.  

Underpinned by our commitment to quality, our collection of jewellery is fundamentally timeless. We stand for a slower, more measured approach to the fast-paced manufacturing process, that’s why each piece is made to order. We create classic, everyday pieces for everyday wear. 

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