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Sage Torso Candle
Candle Sage Queen Torso | Bo and Bee

Candle Sage Queen Torso | Bo and Bee

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Our beautiful hand-poured soy Queen Candle is perfect to treat yourself or loved ones.

Each sultry figure is made from natural soy wax and a fragrance oil, which has a subtle scent when solid on display, and intensifies when burning.

Our Queens are a large size which makes them a perfect statement piece for any room! 

You may notice your ladies lightening in colour, this is called frosting, and is very normal in 100% soy wax products.

Burn time: As this is a decorative candle, it has a short burn time. When lit, it is  best for only a short period of time to keep its gorgeous shape.

Dimensions: 12cm H x 4cm W

Scent: Peach & Nectarine